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One of the TOP five reasons to visit Slovenia is our cultural heritage ( Cultural heritage, many cultural monuments, churches, castles are available to visit not only in Ljubljana, which is highly valuable by tourist guides ( but also in the rest of Slovenia. Here you can experience Slovenia’s cultural heritage from ancient times. After the COVID 19 recovery we welcome tourist to Slovenia and experience Slovenian cultural heritage before large numbers of tourist return. Many worth visiting places include also Unesco registers

In Slovenia the restoration of religious architecture subsumes around 42 per cent or the annual budget of Slovenian cultural heritage. Almost every village in Slovenia has at least one church. These originate from the 13th to the 15th centuries, though most were renovated or enlarged, primarily in the Baroque period and also in the 19th century. Many archaeological discoveries were made of the churches dating back to 8th and 9th century. Many places were painted during Baroque period, many also overpainted originating from Gothic period. These were now uncovered and restored. Restoration of frescos is a skill which has been strongly developed in Slovenia which you can also explore in our fresco Codelli deluxe city centre apartments. Hereby the renovation of Baroque fresco from 1736 took place in 2018, positioning the apartment as one of best historical city centre apartments in Ljubljana.  

Slovenia has many castles built along river valleys, Sava, Drava, Krka and other, mostly due to the strategic considerations. These are large architectural complexes, demanding large investment funds. Some are privately owned, some are owned by the state. Many castles are still waiting to be restored. Others, some very nice examples of cultural heritage, are now museums, hotels, galleries. We recommend you to visit the castles in Ljubljana, Celje (museum), Otočec (hotel), Brdo, Snežnik, Ptuj, Bistra (close to Ljubljana) exc. We recommend you to tour along the castles after staying in our Codelli deluxe city centre apartments in Ljubljana.

Additionally we recommend you to visit cultural places such as Maribor, Ptuj, Škofja Loka, Radovljica, Piran. In 1970 the restoration of medieval towns centres flourished, presenting a very nice examples of Slovenian cultural heritage.  

In 2005 Slovenia joined a Festival of European Heritage days held in 48 countries. Many events take place during this time, focusing on intangible heritage. In 2006 Slovene European Heritage Days were dedicated to castles and city walls, in 2007 on Slovene architect Jože Plečnik. Visit of his house is very recommendable in Ljubljana

For our clients we suggest two options to explore Slovenia: First option to explore the country is to stay in Ljubljana and do daily trips around Slovenia. Among the main historical tourist attractions are Bled, Škofja Loka, Radovljica, Kranj, Novo mesto. When staying in our apartments, you can experience Baroque from 17th century, for example:

Second option is to rent a car ( and drive around Slovenia’s historical cities. With a small size of the country you can reach almost each city within 2 hours. Some ideas of best historical cities you can find here (

Based on the experiences until now, individuals and couples of a younger age choose second option, while tourists from the age of 50 and families, prefer option one.

We welcome our guests to start the journey in our historical heritage apartments in Ljubljana. For more information please visit our web page.

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