Visit Slovenia during the presidency of the European Union: July- December 2021

Slovenian presidency of the Council of the European Union

Slovenia will take over the presidency of the Council of the European union from July 2021 until December 2021. The country will take over a leading role at the EU decision making level for 6 months. Slovenian presidency of the Council of the European Union is another reason to visit the country.

The Council of the European Union represents the governments of all the European countries. In the Council, the ministers from EU countries meet to discuss EU matters and take decisions on EU policies and laws. Which ministers meet depends on the topic under discussion. For example, if the meeting is about air pollution, then environment ministers will meet. If the focus in the the finance, then ministers responsible for the financial policy will gather. In the case your contry of originl is UK, here ( you can read more about the Brexit results.

The Council is one of two decision making bodies. Without the Council and without the ministers from all the EU countries, nothing can get done in the European Union. The Council takes its decisions by a majority vote and in some cases unanimously.

The rules of voting in the Countil are defined by the member states. When, for example, the meeting is about the taxation or security issues, all the ministers must agree for a common decision to be made. In many other areas, ministers take decisions by majority vote. One of this examples is the treatment of the urban waste or the policy of boosting economic development, also tourism.  As mentioned the work of the Council is led by each EU country in turn for a perioud of six months. More details are available here!fh76Jm.

The Council’s ( main activities are:

After successful presidency of Germany (,Portugal’s priorities will be similar Slovenian presidency of the Council of the European Union will have its priorities which will be defined more detailed during the year of 2021. They are expected to be very similar to the priorities of the Portugal

In the line of European recovery after the Covid 19 ( Slovenia is working hard to bring the economic recovery back on track. One of the main industries is tourism and here are some of the main reasons, according to the international journalists, to plan your next vacation in Slovenia:

Especially during the presidency, Ljubljana tourism board ( will make number of activities to increase the security and wellbeing of the tourist in Ljubljana.

We welcome tourist from Europe and other continents to visit Slovenia during the presidency and experience this special atmosphere. By staying in our cultural heritage apartments in the city centre Ljubljana you can enjoy this magnificent moments.

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See you soon!

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