Visit Slovenia during the presidency of the European Union: July- December 2021

Slovenian presidency of the Council of the European Union

Slovenia will take over the presidency of the Council of the European union from July 2021 until December 2021. The country will take over a leading role at the EU decision making level for six months. At Codelli deluxe, we do believe this is another reason for you to visit Ljubljana, Slovenia, and experience cultural heritage during this time.

The Council of the European Union is one of the institutions of the European Union where all the governments are represented. It consists of the ministers of the EU members which meet, depending on which topic is to be discussed. Based on the prepositions of the European Commission they make the decisions within their own area. For example, when the topic is the Covid 19 than the ministers responsible for health from all 27 members meet. If the discussion is on finance, than financial ministers meet. Based on the prepositions they make decisions or agree for the European Commission to create an improved suggestion of the common policy. Since 2021 only 27 ministers meet on the monthly meetings due to the the Brexit (more you can read here.

The Council’s is therefore adopting the EU laws, in cooperation with the European Parliment, agreeing the EU’s common foreign policy, creating international agreements, like one with China (read here) and concluding the EU budget (read here)

During the time of Slovenia, taking the presidency, number of events will take place in Slovenia and also Brussels. The role of the leading country is mostly to coordinate and organise the common opinion, achieving a common decision. Decisions are taken by a majority votes usually or by consensus in the case of taxation, for example.

Slovenia is taking over the presidency from Portugal which enheritated a numerous achievements from German presidency in 2020. More information you can gather here.

Portugal’s priorities will be similar. Slovenian presidency of the Council of the European Union will have its priorities which will be defined more detailed during the year of 2021. They are expected to be very similar to the Slovenia is working hard to bring the economic recovery back on track. One of the main industries is tourism and besides Slovenian cultural heritage, creative and tasty culinary, here are some of the main reasons, according to the international journalists, to plan your next vacation in Slovenia.

We welcome tourist from Europe and other continents to visit Slovenia during the presidency and experience this special atmosphere. By staying in our cultural heritage apartments in the city centre Ljubljana you can enjoy this magnificent moments. Activities of Ljubljana are available here. and we do believe you can find an interesting event for yourself as well.

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